Research identifies what we know… this specific experience. We can help. We have supported thousands of families and clients through this particular challenge and we know what to look for and how to help. 

Parents are grateful that we have created this program for their typically developing child, as often their needs get lost to the over-whelming needs of the child with the developmental challenge. We know that siblings need love, attention and care too! Parents want to give it, but don’t always have the time or know-how to offer it, in the way that these special siblings need.

Take the burden off you and your child. Let them know, ‘your needs matter too’ and ‘we see and hear you.’ Whether it’s identifying the less obvious processing problem that may be getting in the way of their potential or meeting their social/emotional needs, we are here for the sibling and we can support them to thrive.

Our Sibling Program is created to:

  1. Identify the specific needs of the siblings
  2. Provide therapeutic/ brain training support where necessary
  3. Offer resilience programming that trains on how to handle the special-needs sibling, parents and others
  4. Offer a place where the sibling is heard, guided and given his/her chance to shine

This program is ONLY for siblings of a child/person with special needs. We run it all year round as an after-school support program as well as during the summer. Students must be assessed via parent interview to determine eligibility for entrance into this program. It is NOT open enrollment and spaces are limited.

Contact us at to get more information on dates and times of this life-changing program.