Team Talks

Welcome to Team Talks, where we will regularly feature blogs written by TheraPeeds Family Center team members on their experience working at TheraPeeds. Here’s your chance to get an inside peak behind the amazing work they do every day.

Activating Change, One Cerebellum at a Time

In the service industry, no amount of studying or preparation can replace one vital skill necessary for success: the ability to establish a connection with clients and create rapport. This holds true across all service industries. From customer service representative to dental hygienist to occupational therapist

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Therapeeds FAMILY Center- Where the word FAMILY is REAL!

There is significant meaning in what a FAMILY is. I know this to be true.

From the moment that you walk though the Therapeeds doors, you join OUR family.  And when we come to work at Therapeeds, we know that we are joining this family too. And a family is there to support us all. I learned how important family is when in January, 2018

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