Complimentary Infant Screenings

Also known as the “How To Keep Your Child Away From Me” Program, the complimentary screening program at TheraPeeds Family Center has one goal and one goal only, to get you the parent INFORMATION.

This program is open for any child under one-year-old, whose parents would like the benefit of an expert in development, screening their infant to offer information about the status of their child’s development.

 The first year of life is critical for not only the major milestones that you read about in the baby books and on the internet, but for what developmental experts refer to as micro-milestones, the less known ones that are necessary for brain development. These micro-milestones such as prone pivoting (moving side to side on the belly) is important to link the major milestones and to ensure that skills are built with good quality.

Your Infant Has Skills!

Often parents miss these major milestones and unfortunately, the pediatrician may not know to look for these or to advise you about them. Find out if your infant has all these skills that will support their functioning.

These skills are pivotal not only now, but also to the development of academic, communication and social skills throughout their lifetime. These are the most critical years of your child’s development. As such, these screenings make sure that your baby has the best chance at a healthy future.

A TheraPeeds Family Center infant screening is an assessment of your child’s development, and whether your baby is performing at age-appropriate levels. Our free screenings, while abbreviated in nature, are thorough enough to detect whether your child is on track in his development. The earlier you can detect specific issues that can affect your baby, the better chance you have of correcting it.

Contact us to schedule a free screening with us and start protecting your baby’s future!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do the Screening?

    Because you don’t just want to know about your baby’s health, which you get from your pediatrician, you want to know about their development

  • Who Does the screening?

    Trained therapist with specialty in infant development

  • How long does it take?

    The screening is a painless 30-minute process, that compares the quantity and quality of your child’s skills to that of normal development

  • What happens when you are done?

    When your baby’s development is intact, we are happy to celebrate with you and send you on your way. If we detect a minimal concern, we offer you simple corrective strategies you can do at home.

    We also use the screenings to identify if there are any areas of concern that may require a more comprehensive evaluation.

  • If I am concerned something is wrong, can I do a screening?

    No, your baby now needs an evaluation to identify what is happening, why it is happening and what needs to be done to address your concerns.