W.A.Y. for Kids

Ever thought 3 weeks in the summer is all it takes to give your child valuable life skills such as:

  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-Esteem
  • Empowerment

Give your child the tools to succeed in managing life outside the protection of your home. By leveraging Dr. Julia Harper’s proven methodology, this three-week W.A.Y. (What About Your…) group coaching session will help your child effectively manage their emotions and thoughts to find the most successful way to deal with challenges faced at school and on the playground and in their lives.

Research Driven Neuroscience

Backed by research-driven neuroscience, your child will leave this session with the skills to effectively navigate every decision, from what friend do I want to make, to how to say no, to establishing personal goals, to how to stand up to a bully, all while being able to have resilience in the face their challenges. 

Register Today!

Enroll your child for one of our small group sessions, where they will learn skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. These limited-seating sessions provide customized information for each age group, using current technology and delivered in an age-appropriate format:

Group I: The W.A.Y through Elementary School

Group II: The W.A.Y through Middle School

Session Dates:

Sessions meet two times per week for three weeks.

This program is excellent for your typically developing elementary and middle school student. It is a special summer program that is targeted to get your child the success they need to get through the next school year, the next transition and life!

Spaces are limited, however enrollment is open.

Contact us at programs@therapeeds.com to get more information on dates and times of this life-changing program.