Now What?

What happens when pediatric therapy runs out or is no longer appropriate? What happens after high-school or even college? What happens after you’ve done the job training program, but your young-adult with special needs continues to struggle with life skills, social skills, decision-making and problem-solving challenges. What happens when in spite of all the structured training, your young adult still lacks the skills that will support their independence?

We answer those questions with our Now What Program.

Overwhelming Feedback

This program was created after years of overwhelming feedback and requests of our clients, and extensive first-hand observations of the needs of this population. This highly demanded, intensive, brain-training program goes straight to the heart of the matter, by focusing on developing skills and strategies for:

- Increased judgement

- Increased critical thinking

- Understanding context

- Deciphering decisions

- Addressing complex and social problems

Tackle Life Issues

This 6-week program will tackle life issues, including but not limited to:

- Money and Work

- Sex and Dating

- Leisure Time

- Family & Friendships

- Daily Life skills and planning

- Independence

Limited spots and times available for this brain changing, highly successful program. Participants must be evaluated to determine the level of brain function for eligibility into this program. It is not open enrollment.

 Contact us at to get more information on dates and times.