For Therapists

Knowing is the Beginning of HOPE!

I became an Occupational Therapist for two important people in my life. My sister and my cousin. I’ll name their names here…not to out them, but to honor them. Janelle Harper and Aaron Harper I speak your name.

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Know the process to treat a process!

I'm standing in a store with a 15-year-old young man diagnosed with Autism. We are an unlikely gang of four: me, another clinician, his mother, and Joseph. Joe towers over my 5'1'' frame, and he's twice my weight. He looks pretty intimidating. Before entering the store, I removed all of my jewelry, took off my eyeglasses, and stored any items in my hands... I'm ready for action... It's about to go down!

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Undiagnosed Disorders have Devastating Potential

A NATION OF CHILDREN UNRAVELING FROM YEARS OF UNDIAGNOSED DISORDERS I was in the middle of my workday when a colleague came to me…”there’s a shooting in a Broward High School”.

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