Team Talks

Welcome to Team Talks, where we will regularly feature blogs written by TheraPeeds Family Center team members on their experience working at TheraPeeds. Here’s your chance to get an inside peak behind the amazing work they do every day.

The Importance of the Moment

Modeling how to be in the moment is an important part of my role as a Mental Health Counselor at TheraPeeds Family Center. Whether I’m working in my role supporting relaxation or behavior, the ultimate goal is obtaining the best potential to arrive at peace through all circumstances.

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Hard things are hard

“Hard things are hard”. Simple, yet true. 

The first intensive of the year has ended and I feel grateful for all the changes that have been made in the last 3 weeks. Our families come to Therapeeds because they are ready for change. But, change is hard. Patterns that have been created, need change. New pathways to the brain need to be made, and this brings discomfort.

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Activating Change, One Cerebellum at a Time

In the service industry, no amount of studying or preparation can replace one vital skill necessary for success: the ability to establish a connection with clients and create rapport. This holds true across all service industries. 

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Therapeeds FAMILY Center- Where the word FAMILY is REAL!

There is significant meaning in what a FAMILY is. I know this to be true.

From the moment that you walk though the Therapeeds doors, you join OUR family.  And when we come to work at Therapeeds, we know that we are joining this family too. And a family is there to support us all. 

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