Finally, get some answers. Post our evaluations, you will walk away with a completely new perspective on what is affecting function. Using a systematic, neuro-physiological evaluation that combines physiological findings, standardized testing and over 20 years of clinical experience, we provide you with clear and thorough information about how to address the concerns that brought you through our doors.

Complimentary Infant Screenings

Find out from our experts if your Infant’s development is on-track.

Pediatric Evaluations

Treat the underlying deficit, by finding out the cause. Not the symptom.

Adolescent & Adult Evaluations

The brain can change throughout the lifespan. It’s NEVER too late. Learn how, here!


Our brain-based intervention programs are world renowned for delivering proven functional results for children with difficulties in a variety motor skills, communication and language disorders, learning and attention deficits as well social, emotional and behavioral problems.


Rewire your child’s brain to get significant, lasting changes in all areas of development.

Funner School

Make the most out of summer for academic success.

Problem Solving Boot Camp

Build lasting problem-solving and critical thinking skills that translates directly to academic success and invaluable life skills.

Sibling Program

Get your sibling of a special-needs child the attention and care that they need.

W.A.Y. for Kids

Our Kiddie Coaching Program that gives your child a head start on critical life skills.

After School Program

Train the brain after-school for academic success.


One thing is for sure, adolescents are usually the toughest clients, but when they commit they can make the most impressive gains in all areas of their lives.


Train your teenager's brain for greater learning and life success

Now What?

Independence and life skills for your Young-Adult with special needs

W.A.Y. for the High Schooler
W.A.Y. for the College Student

Learn skills that will help them navigate life with an advantage!


Struggling with a challenge that you’ve had your entire life? Finding yourself losing skills? Working hard, but not smart? We offer interventions that rewire the brain of adults for increased focus, memory, organization, multi-tasking, ease and efficiency in your life.


Neuro-plasticity is available throughout the lifespan. Train your brain & mind for optimal performance.

W.A.Y. for Parents

Our research-based intervention trains the brain and minds of parents to succeed at this most important job!

W.A.Y. to the World

By popular demand! Programs that take our life-changing W.A.Y. method outside of TheraPeeds to the world.